VIDEO | 60 second style: Shirt Tweaks

Style isn’t what you wear it’s how you wear it.
I’m not sure who said this first so if no-one’s claiming it, I shall. OK? Deal.

cocomamastyle | 60 second style video | shirt cuff roll

When I’m in a changing room with a client, advising them what to wear and how to wear it, one of the first things I notice is the expression on her face when she looks at herself in the mirror in a new item of clothing. Many a time I’ve put her in something as simple as a shirt dress and the reaction is somewhat disappointing. But as soon as I start to tweak the item, whether it be shirt dress, blouse or blazer, her face changes and on the whole – hey, you can’t win ’em all! – she says something along the lines of “OK, yes that’s working now, I see what you mean!“.

This proves the concept that it’s not just what you wear, but in fact, how you wear it. Outfits need adjusting here and there whether it be an accessory to pull the look together or a tuck, fold, or tweak to ‘style’ the outfit.

With this in mind I filmed a quick video to demonstrate one of the easiest stylist adjustments to make yourself: the perfect shirt cuff roll. Lifting the cuff away from your wrist flatters to help arms appear slimmer and this method stays in place well. It’s the way Jenna Lyons and her J Crew team roll their cuffs and they know a thing or two about styling a look.

Shirt c/o Lily & Carter


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