"I’d just had another baby and felt like all I ever wore were tops I could pull up easily for feeding, and loose trousers to hide the remaining baby weight I hadn’t shifted. I hated looking in the mirror. It was so brilliant to work with Helen. She calmly sorted through my wardrobe, showing me many hidden gems and not judging me for the horrors!

Going shopping with her was a revelation: fun, experimental and I came back feeling like a different woman. I loved it so much I bought a voucher for my partner so he could get an update too!"
"My session with Helen was not only hugely helpful in terms of organising my wardrobe but also great fun. I’m comfortable with my style so for me, it wasn’t about making big changes but more about enhancing, trying different combinations and re-inventing what was already there.

Helen made some very practical suggestions, like hanging items by colour, which helped me edit my wardrobe (and recognise that I don’t need any more black tops!) The one-in / one-out advice has served me well to this day. I think more carefully before I buy new clothes which has lots of obvious benefits.

I also picked up some great tips on where to source some pieces that I might not have considered. She has great knowledge and expertise. Thanks Helen!"
"A combination of young children, a feeling of loss for any semblance of style, a glut of mismatched clothes and a changed body shape as well as much altered social scene led me to the ultra stylish Helen!

She was very kind, yet firm and helped me really understand how to make my life easier whilst looking more put together. Helen listened and totally understood what I needed, provided loads of looks from clothes I already had and told me that I did not need to go shopping for a few years!

I now have confidence to be more adventurous in my combinations and to top it all Helen arranged the wardrobes beautifully which makes the whole up and out of the door experience that bit more joyful.

Couldn't recommend her more highly and will get her to tackle my husband next!"
"Helen helped me find my own personal style and gave me so much confidence to wear what I love and feel great."

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