VIDEO | Ways to wear a white shirt

In this, the first post of 2015 we’re looking at one of those key pieces you should already have in your wardrobe.  The white shirt is one of those items that always appears on lists of wardrobe essentials and whether you have one already which you love or you need to fill that gap in your closet, I’ve put together a video with some ways to wear this classic piece.  Perhaps you wear it in the same way every time or just want to try something new, let’s think of this as a little style detox; get rid of those trusty (read: safe!) outfits and give your white shirt and your wardrobe a new look. Enjoy!

The detail

cocomamastyle hawes and curtis white shirt
Shirt*, Hawes & Curtis was £99 now £25

 I hope you’ve found these tips useful and as always, if you’ve any style dilemmas you’d like solved do get in touch here or leave a comment below.

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*Thank you to Hawes & Curtis for gifting me this white shirt.


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