Cosy toes: tights for girls AND boys

Tights for boys? Oh yes. Friends with baby sons have often told me of their frustration at trying to find non-girly tights for their little men.  It’s not just girls whose socks get pulled off or fall down and trousers that ride up exposing little legs and toes to the cold, boys suffer too! So tights are the perfect solution for a unisex winter warmer.

Finding tights that aren’t girly isn’t that easy though, with childrenswear departments filling their tights quota with cream, pink and pretty prints. In mainland Europe and Scandinavia in particular, however unisex tights are much more readily available.
So whether you’ve a baby boy you want to keep warm without looking girly, or a little lady who just isn’t a white and flowery kinda gal here’s a selection of the best unisex tights online and in store.

cosy toes tights

Clockwise from top: Navy and green stripe, plain grey and spot (not pictured) 3pk, Next; Brown stripe and mustard textured 2pk, Next; Plain grey 3pk, Mothercare; Blue nordic print, Name it; Black and grey 2pk, Name it; Brown nordic print, Name it; Block stripe, Name it; Woodland print, Polarn o Pyret; Blue and grey 2pk, Name it, Block colour tights, Polarn o Pyret

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