Mini Style | £15 and under First Walkers shoes

For someone so small, my 3 – going on 13 – year old has very strong opinions about the clothes she will wear, accessories required to complete the look (usually heart-shaped sunglasses) and shoes that are worthy of her teeny tiny feet. Having strong opinions is one thing, at least we know what she likes – you’d think. In reality her preferences change daily, nay, hourly so we can’t predict what she will or won’t want to wear and with the wrong suggestion of cardigan or vest and we feel the full force of the mini one’s wrath.

As well as aesthetically pleasing items (pink and/or sparkly) the key to both my daughter’s strong sartorial opinions is comfort; if it has an uncomfy buckle, scratchy seam or isn’t soft, they will point blank refuse to wear it. You get the picture; let’s just say buying clothes and shoes for them is a tad hit and miss.

When something arrives that not only does my youngest like but also wants to wear non-stop it’s a relief because it’s one less potential meltdown to have daily. The latest arrival in her wardrobe is George’s newly launched First Walkers shoe collection for size 3-7 (junior) little feet; flexible, supportive, soft and in our case, flowery with a big pink corsage – a dream for the little one and good news for mama: only £5!

Mimi Rose’s pick: Floral print First Walkers, c/o George

Top 10 First Walkers

Easy and comfortable summer shoes which they will love, that won’t break the bank and when they wear them out with all that running, climbing and in my daughter’s case, twirling, you won’t feel guilty buying extra pairs.

1. Floral print | 2. Leather shoes | 3. Red canvas | 4. Leather sandals | 5. Leather sandals | 6. Leather sandals | 7. Leather and denim trainers | 8. Leather trainers | 9. Laser cut | 10. Leather boat shoe


George at ASDA’s new collection of First Walkers are crafted using lightweight, soft materials and have flexible outsoles to aid walking and offer protection but not hinder the development of little feet. Available in UK junior sizes 3-7 with prices from £4 plus leather styles at £15.

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