Let sleeping mamas lie… in style

One thing I couldn’t have done without for the past year is my eye mask. So when I saw these pretty silk-mix blackout blinds for eyes it was a glamourous change to the airline version I’ve been used to.
Choose from eight designs (two not shown here) in sumptuous silk and cotton or linen blend to shield the daylight when you’re sneaking a daytime nap or heading to bed early to catch up on sleep before the next feed.  And if you’re lucky enough that your little angel sleeps from 7-7 these will stop you waking too early with the summer sunrise!
They’re also a thoughtful gift for new mums (along with gin and valium!) and handy for your hospital stay too.  The best bit is they’re only £5.99.

Available from Zara Home stores and online. If you buy this week you’ll get FREE delivery (which is perfect as there’s nothing worse than shopping online for a single item and the P&P is more than what’s in your shopping basket!).

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