Step Into a Little Red Dress

Recently a woman gave birth. Then wore a red dress. Hardly major global news, as it’s something which happens every second of every day of every week around the world (the birth bit), but when you’re part of the world’s most famous family (no, not a Kardashian) and give birth to …

5 things Kate should know

A new royal baby, a princess in fact! With all the buzz surrounding the birth, I have 5 things I want to share with Kate, and any new mums (and dads!) of 2nd babies, especially of girls. 1. Sleep (or lack, thereof) It may not be clothing related but by …

Kate Middleton Pregnant Style

Maternity wear fit for a Duchess

It didn’t take long after last year’s Royal Wedding  for rumours to start circulating about a pregnancy, but now there’s officially a Royal bun in the, er, Aga, there’s even more speculation, opinion and comment on the Duke and Duchess and their future heir to the throne. So how about …

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