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With every post here on I aim to bring you tips on what to wear and more importantly how to wear it. Putting together a stylish outfit that’s flattering, current and practical can sometimes feel like a feat in itself without having to do this in 10 seconds flat while racing for the school run or while a baby is attached to you. I have always used this blog as a platform to share my styling knowledge and experience as an online guide to style in the hope that it makes your life that little bit more stylish with minimal effort on your part.

It’s easy to throw on a top and jeans but finishing the outfit off and indeed making it into a look should be easy too so I filmed a 60 second video to share with you my Easy Outfit Formula and I’ve teamed up with E.ON to bring you this easy-to-watch Smart Guide to dressing along with a giveaway of a £100 John Lewis voucher for one lucky reader so you can put this formula into practice with some stylish new purchases. Watch the video below and scroll down for details on how to enter the giveaway.

Watch the video

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Look 1

COLOUR: Pink blazer, Next
NEUTRAL: White jeans, George
PRINT: Floral top, Yumi
METALLIC: Bracelet, Black & Sigi

Look 2

COLOUR + METALLIC: Green beaded neck top, Next
NEUTRAL: Navy shoes, Zara
PRINT: Printed skirt, Forever New 

Look 3

NEUTRAL 1: Best girlfriend jeans, Gap
COLOUR + PRINT: Printed shirt, Yumi
NEUTRAL 2: Grey snake shoe, Dune
METALLIC: Necklace, Next

WIN £100 John Lewis voucher

Put your outfit building skills into practice with £100 John Lewis gift vouchers. Enter below and share your  smart tips for making your morning routine run smoothly; Do you plan outfits the night before or even plan for the week ahead? Perhaps you wing it on the day and save time elsewhere? Share your top tips and we can all pick up some handy hints.

Read the giveaway terms and conditions here before entering below:

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About E.ON

E.ON’s Smart Meters display shows you how much energy you are using in real time and allows you to keep tight control on how much you spend.

This competition is brought to you in partnership with E.ON Energy. See if you could save money with their gas and electricity deals today. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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Top, similar here | Skirt, Oasis


  • Puts to shame the amount of time I waste in the morning. Will definitely give this a go. Love the last outfit. Helen you are costing me money again!

  • Ashamed to say I generally tend to wing it in the mornings. The amount of clothes left strewn around the room when I leave for work gives it away!! I really need to get more organised….

  • I usually plan my outfits the night before as it saves time in the morning x

  • Be organised!. Prepare as much as you can the night before & set your alarm clock to go off 10 mins early

  • i have a son who is just as ocd as me so mornings go with a breeze he even goes at exactly the same time off to school in the morning it has to be exactly 8.16am

  • I always get up and ready early, and then get my daughter up. It gives me plenty of time to get her out of bed, which takes time!!!!

  • If I know I’m going to be in a rush the next morning I lay everything out ready. Not just my outfit but my shoes, the makeup I’m going to wear. I put my lunch read in the fridge and make sure everything I need is in my handbag ready. It means things go smoother the next day.

  • Don’t leave everything to a last minute rush. Set your alarm clock for half an hour earlier, so you can enjoy a relaxing cup of tea to help you tackle the morning clamly

  • I plan, and prepare what I can the night before so I’m not panicking come the morning.

  • Get as much as you can ready the night before such as making packed lunches, ironing the school uniforms, laying the breakfast table etc.

  • Plan outfits the night before – including alternatives for the individual pieces in case there is some sort of disaster. Always useful to have a complete backup outfit put together in the wardrobe as well.

  • Ban electronics in the morning – except the alarm clock. It takes twice as long to get anything done when the kids are distracted by TV/iPads.

  • Plan outfits the night before including shoes and accessories (otherwise I spend ages trying to find the right pair of earrings or matching necklace!).

  • Get everything you can ready the night before. Get up half an hour before you have to wake the children, a good strong coffee will make it easier to face the chaos.

  • I put out my clothes and my kids clothes the night before, makes morning routines go a lot smoother

  • I don’t plan my outfits in advance but I do keep my wardrobe organised with all the same items together so it’s very easy to choose what to wear.

  • I have everything ready the night before, no messing and searching in the morning

  • I get everything ready the night before. Clothes, shoes, bags, packed lunches. It just saves so much running around in the morning although it does sometimes still happen despite my best efforts.

  • Have a firm routine and lay clothes out night before and for older clothes look at timetables the night before to prepare books and PE kit etc

  • Be prepared for everything taking twice as long to in the morning- so if you can’t spare 20mins to have a shower in the morning then do it the night before!

  • I like to hunt through my wardrobe every so often and find pieces I haven’t worn for ages, then I hang them on the front of my wardrobe and make an effort to incorporate them into outfits that week! Helps build outfits but also rediscovers items you forgot you had!

    Debs x

  • Everything is prepared the night before, having children this is imperative!

  • I have a timetable i follow every morning and i also get everything ready the night before. This always saves me some time to relax and watch something i love before the start of a busy morning.

  • Stick to a routine, the kids know what they’re doing, you know what you’re doing and auto-pilot is engaged 😉

  • i just run around like a headless chicken normally lol but i do get the clothes ready the night before in seperate piles

  • I always get up early. I have my clothes ironed ready the day before. I work a time table out in my head, what I should have done by what time. I always set off in plenty of time for where I’m going

  • Plan ahead and try to get everything prepared before you go out. For example, meals done, clothes done etc x

  • I get my clothes ready for the morning to save time same as the kid’s school clothes

  • My smart tip is to prepare as much as you can the night before, from getting out your clothes ready to put on, to setting up for the breakfast – cereal bowls out, cutlery out, cereal bowls and glasses out etc etc. All this will help shave time off your morning routine.

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