Instaglam vs. Instamum your holiday snaps

instaglam v instamum your holiday photos

Back in May when we jetted off to Greece I was enjoying sharing some snaps of our holiday on instagram when I spotted a feature in InStyle magazine with 10 Ways To Instaglam Your Holiday (now online here).  With the promise of showing “how to be the envy of your friends and look amazing in every one of your sun-kissed pics” I thought I’d see if any of these instaglam shots work on a family holiday when you’re not a 6 feet tall model.

alessandra ambrosio bikini | gisele bikini | mum style | cocomamastyleHere are the snapshots of our #instaglam holiday and read on for my #instamum additions too!

#InstaGLAM: Care-free close up

Not so bare-faced, but my skin-foe the freckles are on show (love them on everyone, not on me). Giving it a mama-twist with a wet head tot snuggling up by the pool.instamum - cuddles with tired tots - cocomamastyle

#InstaGLAM: In the water shot

There are benefits to having a pro photographer for a fiance, they capture a beautiful seascape and that point where you’re walking and your legs look their best!11386436_601918619950408_1169739487_n

#InstaGLAM: Bikini pic

Less Taylor Swift and more real mama style. I didn’t do the 5:2 diet (I love cake and doubt any exercise will make my tum less crepey), I don’t have a designer bikini (I spent HOURS browsing online and in stores for one to fit my post-16months-of-breastfeeding bust), and I’ve not perfected the ‘pose’, but you know what? I’m over it.  Cause I’ve got two darlings because of it all and I get cute snaps of little M applying sun cream for the family album.

instaglam - bikini shot - cocomamastyle

#InstaGLAM: The beachy hair portrait

Less Gisele tousled waves, more suncream dipped bed-head.

instaglam - beach hair - cocomamastyle

#InstaGLAM: the from behind shot

Paddling in my flip flops and £6 Primark bikini.
What’s that you say? I should be the next Victoria’s Secret Angel? Oh, if I must. *laughs into iced bun*

instaglam - from behind shot - cocomamastyle

 #InstaMUM: sampling the local delicacies

Hot doughnut balls in honey and cinnamon? Don’t mind if I do. 11379839_1606160699668858_1801926185_n

#InstaMUM: the family beach walk

A rare moment where I’m not carrying ten bags and beach paraphernalia. Daddy must’ve had everything.cocomamastyle - instaglam - beach walk


#InstaMUM: the all-in-one #OOTD

Playsuit or jumpsuit, you need a versatile all-in-one in your suitcase.

instamum - ootd - cocomamastyle

#InstaMUM: making pebble families

How to entertain a child on a beach when they’re all paddled out? Take one crayon and a beach full of stones and you’ve got yourself a pebble family.instamum - making pebble families - cocomamastyle

#InstaMUM: mum of the year

Pool bar. No comment.instamum - model mum shot - cocomamastyle

#InstaMUM: ‘have you taken it yet?’

It’s the outfit of the day photo that turned out best when you weren’t looking in the middle distance but actually looks like you’re enjoying yourself.instamum - the have you taken it yet ootd shot - cocomamastyle

#InstaMUM: Evening cuddles

The stuff family albums are made of.instamum - evening cuddles - cocomamastyle

#InstaMUM: Budget beauty must-haves

Those essentials that will #instaGLAM your #instaMUM style.instamum - budget beauty holiday musthaves

#Instamum: Holiday fitness shot

An excuse for some me-time at 7am. Running by the sea and trying not to drop your phone in the water.instamum - beach run - cocomamastyle

#Instamum: New shoes in the sun shot

The didn’t stay pristine for long…instamum - new sandals in the sun - cocomamastyle

#Instamum: Mum and minis co-ord #OOTD shot

A fairly rare moment of coordination in our mama and mini outfits for dinner one evening.

instamum - mini me ootd looks - cocomamastyle

  Share your #InstaGLAM and #InstaMUM holiday snaps on instagram and tag @cocomamastyle so I can take a peek too!


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