Mama and me: shoes for Mother’s Day

You can’t possibly have missed the fact that this Sunday is Mother’s Day and you’ve probably been bombarded with gift guides for your own mum or to pass on to your offspring – or rather your other half! – circling your lust-haves. Unwrapping something new is all well and good but what we really want is to eat a meal with two hands/no complaints, use the loo/shower without an audience and familiarise ourselves with a night of unbroken sleep and a wake-up of no earlier than 7am, right?

Seeing as most of that probably isn’t likely and as my almost 3 year old declared “No, Mummy. Sunday is girls‘ day” when I tried to explain Mother’s Day, I’ll settle for a new mini-me look; I’m happy, she’s happy and Daddy gets to treat us!
So when an email from Clarks pinged in my inbox with not one, not two, but four pairs of girls shoes inspired by the womens line I had to share.
And I rarely do trainers but even I’m tempted by these purple kicks…

Mama and me : clarks

Girls styles from £30, Womens styles from £39.99, all Clarks


Coming next week…

This week I attended the launch of Clarks’ innovative iPad Foot Gauge fitting system for kids, watch this space for more info, snaps and big love for the spring/summer collections including these beauties for us grown-ups. Neon, snake and tan leather in one shoe? Don’t mind if I do…

Clarks ss14 platform

What’s on your wishlist for this Sunday?

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