Leopard for little ladies: the jury’s out

Who doesn’t love dressing little girls in adorable outfits, but while they are subject to our tastes it’s perhaps important not to treat them like our own mini mannequins and draw some lines. But what are your little lady no-no’s?
For me, it’s black and animal print. Sometimes Coco Lily wears top to toe pink, sometimes blue, the odd floral, definitely some stripes and of course some spots but if there’s anything you won’t find in her wardrobe (well, chest of drawers – hanging up tiny clothes is just way too fiddly!) it’s those two things which I consider to be grown-up. Having said that, I’m sure I could be persuaded to bend the rules for a cute pair of leopard mary-janes…

So when I saw baby Gap and Gap Kids latest offerings I have to admit I was a little disappointed to see so much leopard print, but relieved that the pretty florals, nautical stripes and simple spots are still there. But what’s your verdict?

All items from Gap Kids and baby Gap

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