12 of the best: backpacks (yes, really!)

They may not have a reputation as the coolest accessory but backpacks are having a fashion moment on the High Street right now, and as they’re totally practical why not embrace them. You’ll fit more in a backpack than your trusty cross-body messenger so they’re a great casual day-tripper bag for all your baby and child paraphernalia.

How you wear it (one strap or two) is up to you, but you can be pretty sure the cool kids are rocking the double strap (funny how things go full circle) and it’s much better for your back, after all!

1 £28, River Island; 2 £99.99 Jocasi @ New Look; 3 £17.99, New Look; 4 £19.99, New Look; 5 £45, ASOS; 6 £17.99, New Look; 7 £28, ASOS; 8 £17.99, New Look; 9 £28, River Island; 10 £26.99, Rocket Dog @ New Look; 11 £30, River Island; 12 £32, Topshop

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  • Love back packs! When the baby bag dies I’ll be straight on one of these! Number 9 is my fave 🙂

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