Tried and tested: Zara trousers

In this new feature I want to bring you, as the name suggests, tried and tested items which mums swear by.  How many times have you bought things for yourself or your children and they’ve not washed well or not worn well and you wonder why you spent however much on them. Posts will focus on clothes, shoes or accessories which you or cocomama totally rates for value for money, suitability for purpose, and how they measure up for the practicalities of daily life.
So we’re kicking off with something I have tried, tested and love. These slim leg trousers from Zara are like skinny jeans in style but comfier and lighter for warmer weather.
Here’s why I swear by them:
  • I have washed them countless times and they’ve kept their colour well (I have a navy pair) as well as keeping their shape without shrinking.
  • They feel just like the throw-it-on staple of a jean without wearing jeans again, if you get stuck in a denim rut like me.
  • The positioning of the pockets on the back are perfect and low enough to not look like they’re sagging but not too high to make your bum look huge!
  • There’s some great stretch in them so they’re perfect for bending down and getting on to the floor with your little ones without feeling like you’re wearing leggings.
  • At £19.99 they’re a more afforable wardrobe update than most jeans.  The only trouble is deciding which colours to buy!
Zara’s twill trousers are available in 9 colours in size 6-16 and cost £19.99 in store and online
Have you found something for yourself or your little ones which you’d recommend? The best babygrows, the perfect change bag, a cardigan you’d wear every day given the chance? Let cocomama know your Tried & tested must-have item and why you love it and it’ll feature in a post just like this. Visit the contact page to send a message.


  • thank you for this post! I need an alternative to skinny jeans which I wore to death over the Winter/Spring months – now summer is here (or at least a little taster this week) I need a lightweight alternative
    Thank you! I not only love the look of the trousers but they are from my favourite store EVER

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