The trouser. A must-have

We’re not just talking trousers here, you know, formal, office-based legwear in black or the like. This is the easy to wear, comfortable and practical alternative to the jean which is all too often forgotten about.   So why this sudden interest in the trouser? Well…

At a baby class last week as everyone was sat around in a circle I noticed that only one mum was wearing a trouser.  The rest of us were in denim all the way.  And this trouser-clad mum looked great;  effortless, comfortable (no need to hoist herself up after bending down) and yet really well put together.  Then, in a recent twitter poll on what my mama followers were wearing the resounding answer in all bar one response was JEANS.

Now I have nothing against jeans. I adore them; skinny, bootcut, high-waisted, straight, flared, coloured, dark, (I think you get the idea) you name it I’ve got it.  But while they are definitely a must-have in every mama wardobe, let’s not get stuck in a style rut when there’s such a wealth of practical and stylish alternatives on the high street.

So, mamas, I put it to you: if you make one change to your capsule wardrobe this month, make it the addition of the trouser.

But why? I hear you ask. Think of the ironing, obviousness of stains, not to mention the ease of just throwing on jeans that go with everything.  Well, because a trouser says easy style, there are always darker hues if you’re stain-o-phobic and get the right fit and fabric you can get away with minimal ironing (just shake out creases before leaving to dry).

The High Street (and it’s online counterparts) are awash with trousers for Spring/Summer so you’ll be spoilt for choice (and have no excuse to decline!) and you won’t have to spend more than this month’s child benefit on a pair.

Here are some of the best wearable styles for mums:  (and yes, the grey snake print pant is totally wearable.)

L-R: Stone chino, H&M; Grey skinny, River Island; Stone, Dorothy Perkins; Orange chino, H&M; Navy chino, Topshop; Green chino, H&M; Leopard print, Oasis; Rope print, River Island; Snake print, Dorothy Perkins

For some ideas of how to wear your trouser I have looked to good old favourite, H&M.  No they aren’t sponsoring this post! But they really do great simple pieces which work so well for mums’ everyday wear. You won’t be scared to crawl around on the floor in them because they didn’t cost the earth and they do most things in a variety of colours to suit everyone’s skin tone.  You may already have similar items in your wardrobe so have a rummage because you don’t need to spend a lot to look and feel fab.  But if you can splash the cash (lucky you!) you’ll find similar items at the higher end of the high street.

  • Add a jersey blazer which would look great with any of the neutral or block colour styles and is a comfortable way to smarten up for day time.
  • A loose fit straight cut sweater adds texture.  When putting an outfit together think contrast and you’ll instantly up the style ante. Cotton trouser? Add a silky or chiffon top. Silky or sateen trouser? Go for a knit, fine to chunky.
  • Team any of these styles with a straight cut tee.  Think chiffon, lace, silky (printed to avoid sticky finger marks!) and yes even jersey!  There’s something very elegant about not being fitted. Not to mention it’s perfectly tummy skimming!
  • If you go for a slimmer cut trouser (like the River Island 2nd from left) and you’re conscious of your thighs you can break up the space by layering a longer line vest under a looser top.  Just be careful if you’re short as it will shorten your legs.
  • Loose printed tunics look great with the slimmer style of trouser and hide a multitude of sins!
  • If you’re a curvy mama H&M+ range offers size 18-28 with equivalents to their regular range.
  • And not forgetting the expectant mamas out there you can even get a chino to accommodate your bump too!



  • Hello! Lovely to find your blog and to read your great post on alternatives to jeans. I just bought a fab purple pair of chinos from M&S today – v comfy they are too! I will be posting pics of them soon!

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