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When you’re off to a baby class, playgroup or playdate with friends you need comfortable, easy to wear pieces which you can throw on at the last minute without even  thinking.  But this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.  You need a capsule weekday wardrobe that ticks all the boxes to create endless practical, affordable outfits.
So when mama does… playgroups she’s not over-dressed, nor under-dressed.  She nails it. Effortlessly.  And here’s how:
Left to right (Each link below will take you directly to the relevant item)
Cardigans: Topshop, George @ Asda, H&M;  Tops: George @ Asda, H&M, George @ Asda, George @ Asda;  Bottoms: Topshop, H&M, Topshop
What to think about:
      • Avoid very low rise jeans and trousers, you’ll be bending over a lot, and no one wants an eyeful of pants – big or small!  So team with longer line tops or belt ’em up.
      • Go for fine layers which you can easily add or remove.  Baby centres tend to be excessively heated and playgroups are often in church halls so you’re either shivering or sweating.  Faffing with jumpers and holding a baby, cuppa, biscuit and bag don’t mix!
      • If you’re looking to add to your wardrobe stick to a similar colour palette so you can easily mix and match your new and existing pieces.  The last thing you need is to be working out what goes with what when you’re trying to get a tired/hungry/grumpy baby ready to leave.
      • Choose simple shapes and fuss-free detail. You don’t need to be fiddling with awkward zips and fastenings or pulling at uncomfortable tops.
      • Loose or flared tops are a new mum’s best friend and layering long-line vests under your old shorter tops will make you feel less conscious.  They’ll also break up your hip area if that’s another spot you’re working on!
      • You’ll probably end up sitting on the floor and with spillages and sticky fingers on the loose it’s good to opt for muted tones and prints to disguise the grubbiness.  But don’t go too dark as it’ll show marks almost as much as white!
      • And as for footwear, think comfortable and toes that won’t scuff when you’re kneeling on the floor! A pump, canvas trainer, worn leather ankle boot…
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