mama must-have… scarves

My must-have with most outfits is a print scarf.  A simple addition, one-size fits all, which pulls a look together and will look like you really thought about your outfit, when in fact you grabbed it as you were running out of the door – late, as usual!

Now we’re not talking wooly scarves here, nor do you need to have a degree in origami to fold a fancy one.  But there are endless possibilities to add a little something interesting to any outfit.  Basic plain tees liven up instantly with a flash of print or colour around the neckline in the shape of a scarf.  And while we may covet an Alexander McQueen skull print number, you can pick some fab styles up for just a few pounds on the high street, or even find a remnant of fabric in a print you love et voila! an instant accessory.

Scarves, clockwise from top left: Topshop, Tally-weijl, People Tree, Esprit, Mango, Jigsaw, Anthropologie (on mannequin)

A few favourite styles in my mama scarf collection:

Cotton or cheesecloth: throw it in the wash, it’ll be dry super quick and ready to go again. Get one big enough to wrap round a couple of times and it’ll double up as a play mat, muslin, blanket, swaddling when you’re out and about.
Silk squares: bright or subtle, these add a luxe edge to your look. But save for the weekend, or when daddy or the grandparents are around for dealing with grubby little hands or winding.
Jersey: stretchy, cosy to cuddle up to and perfect for every day. Jersey scarves are usually block colour and give a more dressed down, relaxed vibe.

And one more thing… I prefer prints as they never show marks and while coordination is fine, a contrasting or clashing print to your top or jacket will always look fab.

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