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Online clothes shopping is a mum’s best friend in many ways but sometimes a real life review (because reading my style notes on counts as real life, honest!) of an item can make it much easier to find what you’re after and reduce those trips to the Post Office with returns! With this in mind, last year I ran an occasional feature with recent clothing purchases we at CocoMama Towers had made called Buy it now.
I’d like to point out that it’s not in any way a ‘haul‘ post which just makes me cringe at the consumerism of it all – believe it or not! – because here on my mission has always been to inspire with style ideas and work with what we have, making seasonal updates and on-trend tweaks, rather than shouting shop, shop shop! at you.  But why Buy it now? Because if it is right for what you need, you better grab it now before it’s gone!

And seeing as we’ve just had a holiday and (despite everything I just said!) I may have gone a little overboard on our summer wardrobe shopping – it’s research for you though, right? – I thought I’d share some of our top buys for the warmer weather now that we have tried and tested them at home and abroad.
If you have any suggestions of similar items that you recommend (or not!) and would like to share, please do post in the comments box at the bottom.

For today, it’s all about summer trousers for little ones – under 6′s to be precise…


What: White and ditsy blue floral cotton trousers
Why: Because in the warm weather, loose and lightweight trousers make for a cool, happy baby and in turn, a calm mama.  There’s less need for such frequent sunscreen applications when limbs are covered, but they are light enough that our little one didn’t overheat.
How much:
£6-£8 for both pairs (3 months-6 years)
Mama’s notes: Be sure to wash the blue pair before wearing – the colour runs (as we found out when packed in a beach bag next to damp things!).  Note also that the trouser width at the hem is actually narrower than it appears in this photo and my 6 month old had them rolled up a couple of times.

What: Blue washed linen pull-on trousers
Why: A cool to wear, linen and cotton mix fabric in a pull on jogger style; who says boys clothes are boring? These are practical and cute, just what we like to see.
How much:
£10-£11 (3 months-6 years)
Mama’s notes: We haven’t actually tried these (though I’m not averse to putting my girls in boys’ basics, you can find some great neutral pieces in the boys’ departments and these are no exception!) but I couldn’t just mention girls’ trousers for summer and not give an option for the little lads too.

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