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Clarisonic Mia Fit | currentbody | beauty review | cocomamastyleFacial cleansing brushes have made their way from the spa to the home thanks to brands like Clarisonic but what makes them so special? I tried the Clarisonic Mia Fit to find out.

Imagine the difference between cleaning your teeth with toothpaste on your fingers or, as we actually do, with a toothbrush. Then think of the thorough clean you could achieve by using a soft, yet effective brush on your face to remove make-up and impurities, rather than just your hands or cotton wool pads and cleanser.

How it works

Clarisonic Mia Fit | currentbody | beauty review | cocomamastyle

The verdict

With just two buttons to deal with, the Mia Fit couldn’t be easier to use; wet the brush, add the cleanser and go. It’s waterproof so ideal for use in the shower for ease and speed, ensuring it doesn’t add any time to your skincare routine. In fact, it’s a more efficient way to cleanse and remove make-up and impurities, thoroughly yet gently.

The device is small enough that it doesn’t take up much space in your bathroom cabinet, nor in your bag when travelling. My Mia Fit came on honeymoon with me and the battery lasts so long I didn’t even take the charger, which by the way is a slim dock with USB and standard power plug. The device is easy to clean and the brush (mine has the gentle radiance brush head) is removable to ensure the Mia Fit is clean throughout and not holding onto any nasties.

I’ve used cream cleansers, cleansing oils, foaming wash, exfoliating scrubs, you name it to cleanse my face but nothing has left my skin feeling as fresh and clean as using the Mia Fit and it’s gentle enough to use everyday unlike a masque or deep scrub, yet gives that super clean feeling.

My final verdict? Put it on your Christmas list. Or get yourself in tip top condition before the big day and treat yourself – you deserve it!

clarisonic mia fit | cleansing brush | cocomamastyle

Clarisonic Mia Fit c/o currentbody

The details

The Mia Fit device comes with a USB enabled Universal voltage charger, radiance brush head and sonic radiance cleanser.

clarisonic mia fit | cleansing brush | cocomamastyleClarisonic Mia Fit c/o currentbody, £129 (RRP £170)

Buy now and receive a free Glossybox worth £60.


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