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If you follow @cocomamastyle on Instagram you may have seen I’m currently in the build up to getting married this autumn, so it’s all systems go and I’m becoming even more of a magpie (than I am normally!) to beauty products and treatments which will freshen up my skin, tone my bod or brighten my smile. The latter is something most brides-to-be will be thinking about ahead of the big day and as my soya cappuccino habit isn’t going anywhere fast, I need a quick fix for my teeth.

I did my research on Smile951 and then visited Smilepod in London’s Soho to try out their High Gloss Diamond Polish treatment and as I’m probably overdue a dental appointment it was great to learn it’s not just a cosmetic thing. Think of it as a hygienist visit with added gloss.

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The science bit…

1. An ultra sonic scaler removes any heavy deposits of tartar with a special tip. The tip vibrates at a high rate and flushes out bacteria and deposits from below the gum with water. It smooths out bumps and divots in the surface to prevent further buildup.

2. The dentist then hand scales to carefully emove any small pieces of build-up missed during the ultrasonic treatments.

3. This is followed with an air flow, a fine jet of calcium carbonate powder which allows for efficient and faster stain removal.

4. The treatment is finished with diamond polishing paste with minute particles of diamond for a silky smooth finish for a perfect smile.

The verdict

I’m not exaggerating when I say my teeth had never felt so clean after the High Gloss Diamond Polish treatment. A regular visit to LA Dental Town will always leave teeth feeling cleaner than we can get them ourselves but this was definitely up a level. My teeth not only felt smooth and seriously clean but also actually looked whiter and brighter.

The only down side – and it’s a very small one! – is that step 3, the calcium carbonate jet is a bit messy, so if you’re planning to do something after your treatment, make sure you have your make-up to hand because you’ll need to wipe off any powder from your face afterwards. It’s also worth knowing that you shouldn’t eat or drink (other than water) for an hour after your treatment so don’t book before a lunch date!

The details

The High Gloss Diamond Polish treatment is £89 at Smilepod. Book at 7 locations in London:
Bank | Canada Place | Jubilee Place | Covent Garden | Moorgate | Soho | Holborn

With thanks to Smilepod Soho for inviting me to try their High Gloss Diamond Polish treatment and to Anna Maria, my FAB dentist!

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