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It’s always embarrassing when your little one brings up their milk or lunch on a friend’s carpet, no matter how much the friend says it doesn’t matter! To combat this I wanted to find something that was comfy enough for Coco Lily to lie on even on a wooden floor, that wouldn’t show obvious stains and was easy to transport.  So I made a quilt/play mat hybrid with a denim back so it was tough enough to use inside or out and nicely padded for rolling around on.

I like a cutesy baby print but as I’d hoped to find other uses for the mat in the future (we now use it as a picnic blanket) I opted for a girly pink print but in a classic William Morris style. This could of course work in any print; stars, stripes or camouflage for boys perhaps, or a Cath Kidston style floral or Orla Kiely print would be very cute.

You could make one as a patchwork quilt with a denim or hardwearing back, but as this is just one piece of fabric for the top it’s super quick to cut and sew.  Just layer denim, wadding and cotton and sew! I also made a red heart print version for my niece (below) and they fold neatly so you can throw them in the bottom of your buggy until your next play date.

Did you have this somewhat embarrassing (but probably unavoidable) issue with your little one? What was your solution? Did you just arm yourself with baby wipes? Find a similar playmat in the shops? Or was/is your baby just an angel who wouldn’t dream of bringing up the last feed in polite company?!

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  • We loved the red heart version that Cocomama made for us – such a great idea! Still using ours as extra padding in the bottom of a playpen, it’s washable and makes the playpen look much more stylish! S

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