Alternative Wedding Guest Outfits

When it comes to wedding season it can be easy to head straight for the Little Floral Dress as the go-to outfit but with so much choice on offer it would be a shame not to broaden your style horizons and try something a little different. As a Personal Stylist …

How to wear ruffles

Ruffles and flounces are everywhere this season, found on every garment and accessory imaginable. Shoes, bags, sleeves, collars, hems, you name it; they’re frilled to the max. But don’t think of this key structural detail as just for evening and occasion wear, because ruffles are for down-time dressing too. Scroll down for …

Ways to wear: Winter florals

We all know that when it comes to pattern, it’s every mama’s best friend; disguising sticky fingerprints, stains and camouflaging the lumps and bumps we’d rather hide.  So if you love flirty florals in Summer, there’s no need to ditch them when it comes to Winter.  Look for darker tones and heavier fabrics …

Ways to wear: neon

Neon needn’t just be for the under 25’s or old-school ravers; there’s a way to work it into your wardrobe whatever your age or style. This hot trend for Spring/Summer will brighten up any outfit. Who needs the sun to shine anyway?!

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