Style solutions: disguise my mummy tummy

This style solutions post is all about disguising that post baby tummy that never quite seems to disappear.  A mum of two recently contacted cocomama for some ideas…

The problem:

I want to update my wardrobe and need some new every day wear as I currently live in baggy jeans and tops.  I’m happy with my size 10 figure but for my mummy tummy.  I’m really conscious of it and feel I still look pregnant so would love some ideas of how to disguise it without swamping my 5’2″ frame.

The solutions:

click image to enlarge
1 Jacket, Dorothy Perkins; Pendant, H&M; Top, Nomads; Jeans, Dorothy Perkins (also petite); Sandals, Aldo
2 Jacket, Dorothy Perkins; Necklace, Accessorize; Top, Wallis; Jeans, Dorothy Perkins (petite); Peep toes, Aldo
3 Necklace and blouse, Wallis; Chinos, Dorothy Perkins (also petite), Pumps, Aldo
4 Scarf, H&M; Cardigan, Dorothy Perkins; Top, George @ ASDA; Jeans, Wallis (also petite); Pumps, Aldo

Style tips:

  • Look for A-line or straight cut tops that aren’t stretchy. Think drape not cling. If you prefer the comfort of jersey look for a more flared fit.
  • Choose different length tops to your cardigan or jacket to break up the tummy area. If you’re petite go for shorter jackets but avoid tops that sit below your hips as these will shorten your legs.
  • Statement necklaces will add interest and pull a look together. The same goes for scarves (a cocomama favourite!). Go for lighter weight scarves if you’re smaller so they don’t overpower you. They will also draw attention up and away from your tummy.
  • Day wear looks smarter with woven (non-stretch) fabrics. Look for those made with viscose and acetate which can look like matt silk but will wash well and be easy to care for.
  • Scoop or button-through necklines on loose fit tops will avoid making you look swamped.
  • It’s fine to roll the hem on coloured skinny jeans or trousers to fit your length if not petite fit and adds a seasonal twist. They’re the same colour inside and out unlike regular denim jeans which are lighter inside and would break up your leg line, making them appear shorter.
  • Nude shoes or shoes the same colour as your trousers (or tights) will lengthen your legs.

These outfit ideas would also work for the early stages of pregnancy.  You can substitute jeans for elasticated waist trousers like Dorothy Perkins maternity chinos.

Do you have a style dilemma you’d like solved? Send a message here and cocomama will (hopefully) help you out!


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